Monday, November 30, 2009

Quick Update

Dear family and friends... We are home and doing pretty good. The transition is starting to wear on us a little, I'm afraid. But the end is in sight!! We found a house, and will close on it December 14. It needs a little work, but will hopefully get done in a quick and orderly fashion (it always happens that way, right?!)....

We have been bouncing around a little--between Joplin and Kansas City for the past 2 weeks. Shane is getting back into the swing of things at OCC, and the kids and I are actually in St. Louis right now. I do have some Scotland pics to post still, and want to keep up with posting... Our transient lifestyle of late doesn't exactly lend itself to that, I suppose. However, we should be getting settled before we know it (that's what we're telling ourselves anyway...). I will do my best to keep this updated until then!

Thanks for all the prayers and welcome home's from everyone! We are glad to be back!!



Meghan said...

I feel your pain - we are soon to be transient in a big, big way for a few months while we are wrapping things up here and transitioning to Lincoln and tying up loose ends on the house we are hopefully buying in Lincoln...*sigh* Lots of limbo living which I'm not looking forward too, but the end result will be worth it and that's what I'm trying to keep in mind...the bigger picture, right?

I hope you guys get settled soon, and I can't wait to see pictures of the new house!

Sara said...

meghan, WOW!!! is it all starting to move really quickly?? hope it's going well... these times definitely strengthen our faith and give us a new perspective on trusting our Lord, right?!... i'm looking forward to seeing pics of your new house and keeping up with you guys through this new and exciting journey you're on!!! we're with you all in spirit and here if you need anything! we're praying too!!

Tara said...

it was SO good to see you today! i totally wasn't expecting to, so you were a wonderful surprise! thanks for stopping by. =]

looking forward to seeing your new place, and helping in any ways we can.

MUCH love!

Kista said...

I'm glad you're transition is finally smoothing. Can't wait to catch up with ALL of you about your school days! LOVE AND MISS YOU!