Friday, January 22, 2010

Zion's First Day of School

Well, it hasn't been our longest period of time of no blogging, but it has been a while... We are finally somewhat settled. And we are SO glad for that!!! This past week was Zion's 2nd week of school. Here are some pics from his first day... What a day that was!!!

Ready and excited!!!
The boys

The siblings

One of the many hugs from mommy that morning...

A big excited smile!!!

Gathering everything to get out of the car...

Daddy helping with the backpack... (This is where I started crying!)

One last smile for mommy!

The walk into school with daddy... (This is where I lost it for just a minute...)

Zion did great on his first day, and has continued to look forward to each day of school! We are so proud of him, and thankful for his smooth transition... (As this has been a long transition back home for all of us!!) He's doing awesome, and we are all getting more and more settled each day. We appreciate all of you who have encouraged us and prayed for us along the way.


Grandma Linda said...

Okay, Zion's smile and absolute joy on his face is a heartbreaker for this ole' grandma. Such a priceless first day of school pic to keep for him! I am so thrilled he likes it and his Mommy is starting to adjust also! Love to you all. Grandma Linda

Kacie said...

Hard to believe we're all going to be going through this process before long! Zion looks very happy :)

Tammy said...

Oh you did it to me again! Seeing these pics just melt my heart all over again! I still remember Zion being born!!! I'll never forget it...everyone looks adorable!

Sarah said...

I love seeing these pics. I still can't get over how big he looks. You're little man is growing up so fast. How I would love to give him a hug (and you) and tell him how proud I am!

Francie Roseen said...

Great Pix, Ses. Looks like you guys made it through that experience with flying colors! Go Zion!!